Working together to tackle prejudice here in North East England

Conversation not Confrontation is run by Newcastle Council for Voluntary Service (Newcastle CVS). We work to support voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations here in North East England.

Our member organisations have told us that there’s a need for ideas and support to tackle prejudice in a constructive way in our communities.

Rather than ignore it, or brush it under the carpet, we know that you’re here because you want to have conversations to tackle prejudice, and not confrontation with the people who use your organisation’s services.

We’ve carried out research with a range of community organisations to find out what front line workers hear, and would like to challenge, but don’t feel equipped to tackle. Whether it’s racism, homophobia, fallacies about migrants or people seeking asylum, to more serious matters like involvement in right-wing extremism, or helping people understand the meaning of hate crime and what can be done to prevent it.

“We need to start positive conversations.”

We've put together a set of easy to understand resources and what-to-do advice, which can be found here in this user-friendly website.

Join us in our campaign

We’ve also developed a campaign with some simple-to-implement pledges, to encourage voluntary, community and social enterprise sector organisations here in North East England to sign up to. Together we can all strive towards making the North East a fairer and more equal society for us all to live and work in.

“The hardest people to challenge are your closest friends.”